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14 February 2009.
Place: the German Embassy in Moscow, Mosfilmovskaya, 56, main lobby.
Time: 11:00 19:00
Entrance fee: 5 EUR*
*Children aged under 14 - 3 EUR, Children aged under 8 - free entrance

10 November - 16 December 2008.

Kievsky pedestrian bridge (Bogdan Khmelnitsky Bridge), Kievskaya metro station, the square of Europe.

16 - 26 Oktober 2008.

An unusual open air exhibition was held in full swing of Indian summer in one of the most beautiful parks of Moscow Kolomenskoe estate. The exhibition was called Old Moscow 3D. The opening took place 16 October 2008 with the Mass Media invited.

The first exhibition was held in October 2008 in park Kolomenskoe, Moscow. This park is considered to be one of the most important recreational zone of the capital and has long ago acquired a reputation of multifunctional ground for cultural and entertaining events. Due to them only for the current year the prime minister of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and his wife visited Kolomenskoe 4 times.
Our performance fundamentally differs from any other cultural event of this kind in the form of presentation of visual information. Thanks to special stereo glasses visitors will be able to see an image in volume. The glasses will be given to each visitor at the entrance to the exhibition.
Photos of old Moscow in comparison with new architectural complexes will be shown to the viewers. The exhibition is devoted to alternative Moscow the city we could live in. The crucial question put by exposition to the audience: What would we like our city to be in future?
Exposition: comprises 60 posters (1260 x 964 mm), where the photos of Moscow are presented in pairs Hundred years ago and Today.
Keepsake: leaving each visitor may take a piece of the exhibition along, to share with friends and relations. For those who are mostly impressed we have a wonderful album with the photos displayed.
From heart: Besides the cultural aspect, the exhibition Old Moscow 3D is an act of charity. The profit out of it is transferred to help children suffering from oncological diseases to the charitable foundation Nastenka.
The admission to the exhibition: free. To watch the exposition in 3D you need to buy 3D glasses, the price of the glasses is 20 rubles.

Reports about the exhibition Old Moscow 3D

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The exhibition of 3D-photos of old Moscow was open at the park "Kolomenskoe"

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Unusual viewpoint of Old Moscow

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3D-walk around 130-year old Moscow - just put on glasses



Impression: on the way from home to the metro running by this glass bridge across the Moscow River it is always a feeling of freedom above the water, which is not so frequent in the capital. And suddenly there is music, Norah Joness singing.. and a strange inscription, hanging from above - Old Moscow 3-D

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