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Environmentally safe transport, many fine available sport complexes, well-groomed courtyards with convenient multilevel parkings, developed system of public transport and its advantage over the private one, the system of utilization and repeated usage of domestic waste, using of environmentally clean packing materials and consumer goods on the whole, many places for rest and self-expression, - "city in the park", and not "park in the city".

Nikolay Sluzhinin

Smiling and benevolent people harmonically fitting in with single architectural landscape.

Vladimir Kudyakov

The vault of heaven above the city is transparent! Lets air and light through, but protects from heavy rains. Self-moving roads on the streets, three-lane with different speed. At nights - satellites directing sunlight to the city, reflecting it on parks and gardens. On the roofs - aeroparkings. From time to time some silver heliobuses take off according to time-table. What else? Electro-mobiles are all over. On expressroads there are traffic lane markings for auto piloting of these very electro-mobiles. Sport is developed its simply a cult of sport. The bicycles are in public usage, open swimming pools, football and other fields. I dont demand more.


Id like to see Our Moscow tidy and neat in its appearance. Smiling, civilized, beautiful people. Policemen in traditions of former overseer, fair, respecting basic human and intellectual values! In a word, Moscow described by V. Gilyarovsky

Stanislav Zharov
truly native Muscovite

Old buildings to be preserved and new ones harmonically fit in with the city architecture.

Ivan Kling

My desires:
  1. Beautiful architecture, and in the suburbs
  2. Clean streets of the city, and entrances
  3. Much space for walk, alleys and boulevards
  4. More people respecting themselves, their business and their city
  5. Houses in riot of colour
Aleksandr Voloshin
Design Laboratory "MagicDesignLab" PR-manager




Impression: on the way from home to the metro running by this glass bridge across the Moscow River it is always a feeling of freedom above the water, which is not so frequent in the capital. And suddenly there is music, Norah Joness singing.. and a strange inscription, hanging from above - Old Moscow 3-D

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